Steez Gallery Salon Show

Salon Style
@ The Steez Gallery
85 W Pearl St, Nashua, NH
Come join us for the grand re-opening at The Steez Gallery on 4/20/2011! We will be a hosting a salon style showing of artwork.
Traditionally, a "salon" style event was an annual exhibition of the work of living artists held by the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris, originally in the Salon d'Apollon in the Louvre in 1667. Today, we celebrate a "salon style" showing as an event where artwork is hung from ceiling to floor, fitting as much artwork as can be shown on each wall. Some of the many great artists who will be exhibiting are:
Carol Whalen
Sammy Johnson
Alex Brizicky
Jason Shulkin
Courtney Elwell
Kaitlyn Chapman
Aimee Cozza
Patrick Termini
Kaitlyn Chapman
Gabriel Wells
Rachael Gottsche
Deana Del Vecchio