"Dark Haul"

It's finally time to share the great news that I've been having to keep under wraps for months now. 

SyFy will be releasing a movie shot by Synthetic Cinema International and with that I will be apart of a 5 man CGI crew working for SCI! The movie is titled "Dark Haul" and our crew consists of all BUCDIA alumni or staff. 

Curtsey of Synthetic Cinema International
Be sure to check out the listing on SyFy in the next year or so for "Dark Haul" and my name in the credits!

Little freelance work

I had the pleasure recently of helping out a friend of mine modeling some gym equipment for a project he was working on. We had a very small window to work in and the pieces were being referenced into the scene so high detail wasn't of concern. Here's how they came out. Total work time was around 16 hours or less.

Recent Update (update 7/30/2013)

My demo reel has been tweaked again. 3 scenes (fireplace, hammer, and ironman) have had rather large overhauls to them.

Also I took a trip down memory lane and started working on a piece I put on hold. After several adjustments I've come up with this piece:

Here is the final animation:


I had the pleasure of leading a team of four on this project for the head of the video department at BUCDIA. The piece is part of a 2 minute pitch for a new way to cut down on carbon imprinting from shopping with companies that are more efficient in their production processes. As a team we managed to produced this piece in under a month. My personal responsibilities included 3D effects, animation, modeling, texturing, rendering & compositing.

Links to my team members:

Brian Colby: http://www.briancolby3d.com/
William Scott: http://wscott3dart.blogspot.com/
Joe White: http://joewalterwhite.blogspot.com/

Interior lighting & rendering

So here is a pretty much completed render of the scene adding in the animated light. Breakdown video coming soon.

Interior lighting & rendering project

So my friend and classmate William Scott was kind enough to lend me this great destroyed lab interior that he's been working on modeling and texturing. I'll be adding my own take on the scene, dramatic high shadowy lighting. Maybe some fog, maybe some animation on the green light there.

Scarf Designs

Lighting Videos

Lighting stills

WIP lighting project. Troll and space station model/texture/rig is from creativecrash.com everything else is by me.

Rocket Girl playblast and render demo

3D School Work

Lighting and composition only:

Everything by me: