About Me

About me

Thanks Sid Ceaser for this photo
When I look back at my life I see a common theme: challenges.
The first half seemed like the world was against me. So many obstacles were placed in my way. I had very little motivation and skill to cope with the day to day.
Originally I started getting into art because it was just something that I seemed to have a talent for. And as I worked through my imagery I found that I had a lot of negative emotions that I’d try to hide in my work. Much like I did with my life. But I thought that was just who I was and there was no changing it. I was stuck.

Something changed in me one day though, and I became rather obsessed with my own mortality. I started to really question what kind of life I'd be leaving behind if I died soon. I wasn't happy with what my obituary would have read.

Since that day I've been on a path of overcoming all those obstacles laid before me. To prove to myself that I'm much more capable of what I think I am capable of. I believe that through this path I will blossom into someone that I'm truly proud of. Someone who will be happy to leave this earth with a content smile.

In the last three years I’ve spent my time just working through all my issues.  I hardly even recognize myself in comparison to who I was before. And my art is rather similar.

I’m not as compelled to create in the same way where tension and anxiety motivated me. Now that I have some of peace and less ego, I find beauty in the world around me that I no longer resent. And so a lot of my motivation to make art comes from trying to share that beauty with others so they can be motivated too.
"If you wish to build a ship, do not divide the men into teams and send them to the forest to cut wood. Instead, teach them to long for the vast and endless sea." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

About my art

Art is paramount to the human experience.

That word, experience, is really important.
Because that's life.

My work falls somewhere between Zen and Surrealism.
Something in the moment, but instinctual and beyond my consciousness.
Through the arts, I'm always learning something new about myself.
And I'm constantly forgiving myself.